All These Things I've Done

Here it is, a cherry-picked selection of just some of my work. For the full experience please email me for a copy of my folio:


Petzyo Quality Pet-Food

Petzyo started out with just a few illustrations, what followed was a comprehensive branding suite with every type of roll-out imaginable. From referral cards, to packaging, and even their website. Click here to view: Petzyo's cute site!


Fem&ist Film Festival

An intersectional feminist film festival unlike any other launched in Melbourne 2017, I was given the honourable task to brand and design merchandise for the event. View the current site, with more info to come in 2018, also very cute!


Seahive & Parley

You can see this sort of work all over my instagram but I've been very fortunate to work with organisations such as Seahive & Parley, creating images like these for their audiences.


UNESCO Jakarta

While I love to illustrate, I have a corporate edge and love committing myself to those long documents you need to impress clients. Menus, newsletters, or something casual for UNESCO Jakarta - whatever floats your boat.

Artboard 13-80.jpg


Do you need a mural? I've done a few now, but this one was my first large scale mural. Working with an interior designer, I pieced this big boy together. Inspired by Shigeo Fukuda, you can see it at The Improv Conspiracy, Melbourne.


Annual Report

I volunteered with Climate For Change to deliver the annual report for 2018, with over 30 pages complete with custom illustrations and graphs, sleek layout design, and photo editing.


Vision Australia

Layout design for Vision Australia’s Election Priorities document, the design is completely accessible for low vision readers as well as the file being tagged for screenreader use.


Restaurant Branding

Complete branding suite for an upcoming Italian restaurant in Templestowe. It includes a colour palette designed to suit the interior and online design, a custom logo font and icon that can be used interchangeably for business cards and signage.


East Goes Global

Branding for an initiative to assist musicians in the east utilise social media and harness traction in the West. 


Woodlike Ocean

Illustrative work for Woodlike Ocean, a sustainable swimwear company utilising ghost fishing nets as material for their products. This illustration has been formatted for web and print use for their apparel. View their website here.


Joco Cups

In collaboration with JOCO Cups and Take 3 For The Sea, I was commissioned to create a series of illustrations to be used on one of their glass reusable cups.


Donut Bouquet 

Complete rebrand for a donut bouquet delivery company in London, including packaging and various other roll-out. 


Tap. Wines

Ever thought about where your glass is going? In Australia, it's probably not being recycled. Tap. Wines offer premium keg wine without the burden of packaging. I created a suite of infographics to support their cause. See more on their site. 


JFO Pin Design

A pin designed in collaboration with Just F*ck Off Co, purchase on my online store or theirs.