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 Carla Scotto


Who dat?

I'm a melbourne based illustrator, designer, and improviser. I make things up on the fly onstage and on the page. You may know me from such instagram handles as @carladrawz, (formerly @scrotaltaco). I have probably made you feel guilty about your plastic usage, and you've probably unfollowed me.   


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While illustration is a strength, I have a wealth of experience in branding, document layout design, and design in print and web. I have worked with all manner of clients, from sustainable business owners to UNESCO Jakarta and Vision Australia. Don’t have a brief ready to go? I can help you get started, simply email me below.


Let's Collaborate

Have a project coming up that needs a sweet custom logo? Want your own custom piece of denim like the ones below? Maybe you just want fifty stickers for a good price. Get in touch and get that ball rolling!